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Kewpie, Ditch Eggs! Video Exposé Shows Cruelty to Chickens for Mayo

PETA is calling on international mayonnaise brand Kewpie to ditch eggs—and cruelty—after PETA Asia obtained shocking video footage of injured and ill chickens at Miyapo egg farms in Japan. The abused hens reportedly produce eggs that supply Kewpie.

crowded cages at Miyapo egg farm

Chickens Suffer in the Egg Industry

At Miyapo egg farms, workers were seen grabbing chickens, painfully twisting their wings, and then dropping them from the second floor of a building.

worker handling chickens at miyapo egg farms in japan

worker throwing chicken at egg farm in japan

Unwanted birds were stuffed into plastic bags and left to suffocate.

unwanted chicken in plastic bag at a japanese egg farm

plastic bag with unwanted chickens at egg farm in japan

Sick and injured chickens were kept in cages so small that they couldn’t even spread their wings.

hens in cages at a japanese egg farm

hens in cages at japanese egg farm that reportedly supplies kewpie

Many of the birds were so stressed that they pulled out their own feathers.

chickens on a farm in japan that reportedly supplies kewpie

hen at an egg farm in japan that reportedly supplies kewpie

Hens suffered from a prolapsed vent, a painful condition caused by being forced to produce far more eggs than is natural.

hens in crowded cages at an egg farm that reportedly supplies kewpie

hens in a cage at miyapo egg farm that reportedly supplies kewpie

And birds who became entangled in the wire mesh of their cages were ignored and left to endure prolonged and agonizing deaths. After they died, workers allowed their decomposing bodies to rot next to their living cagemates.

hen in a cage on a farm that reportedly supplies kewpie

chicken bodies seen on a farm in japan that reportedly supplies kewpie

The cruel conditions at Miyapo aren’t the exception—they’re the rule. Last month, PETA Asia released similar video footage showing rampant abuse and neglect on a farm belonging to ISE Foods, Japan’s largest egg producer, which is certified to sell eggs at the Tokyo Olympics.

Take Action!

The egg industry treats intelligent, sensitive chickens as commodities instead of living, feeling beings who love their families, value their own lives, and don’t want to die.

worker handling a chicken at miyapo egg farms that reportedly supplies kewpie

worker handles chicken on egg farm in japan that reportedly supplies kewpie

PETA is urging Kewpie to stop supporting the abuse of chickens by switching to the production of egg-free mayonnaise exclusively. You can help by sending a message to Osamu Chonan, the CEO of Kewpie Corporation, to let him know that consumers want their food to be cruelty-free.

PETA Calls On Leading Mayo Brand to Ditch Eggs After Horrifying Exposé

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